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Jeremy Ford - Time Out Market
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

ICYMI: Time Out Market Miami has opened!

Written by
Time Out Miami editors

Time Out Market Miami just opened on Thursday, May 9. If this is all news to you then we are going to assume you’ve been trapped in a well for the past month. (Congrats on making it out, by the way! Hope you walk more carefully from now on.)

So here’s the quick and dirty version since we’re sure you’re starving on account of the whole well thing: We opened a food hall! It’s filled with our editors’ favorite chefs and restaurants in Miami (18 of them!). It’s, like, really quite good. And it’s finally open after some serious build up.

We’ve been writing an awful lot about our little market baby lately and you can get caught up on all things Time Out Market Miami here. But if you’ve already heard enough and don’t need any further convincing to get in the car and come chow down with us in South Beach—good! We’re waiting for you!

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