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Marlins Park is transforming into a golf course next month

Photograph: Brandon Wade

Ain’t it a shame that these big ol’ baseball stadiums have to sit largely empty when the MLB season is over? There’s just so much space and room—surely we can come up with some creative uses for them during the offseason? Kickball? Water balloon wars? A ferocious mass pillow fight? 

Well, the folks at Stadiumlinks have come with an idea (sadly it’s not the pillow fight). They are turning stadiums across the country into pop-up golf courses—because why not? And from January 18 through January 20, Stadiumlinks is taking over our very own Marlins Park and transforming the space into a pretty rad nine-hole golf course, where golfers can smack some balls from the stands onto greens landscaped right into the field. You can book your tee time starting on Wednesday, December 19, at 11am. And you should probably move quickly once the booking goes live because space is very, very limited (and Marlins Members get first dibs).

Tee times will run from the morning until the evening. At night, the ballpark lights will help you see what you’re hitting. Groups of two to four start at $84 per person and there are VIP packages that’ll give you access to a private practice range and golf simulator. Ten points if you hit Billy the Marlin in the head. 

(Just kidding. Be nice to Billy, please.)


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