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Meet the cool Miami farmers teaching locals how to grow their own garden

Ready-to-Grow Gardens
Photograph: Courtesy Ready-to-Grow Gardens

As the popularity of homegrown gardens flourishes, so too does the number of businesses catering to would-be gardeners and aspirant farmers in Miami. Leading the charge is Dylan Terry, whose Ready-to-Grow Gardens has set the standard for home gardening in South Florida—immaculately tending the patches of LIV owner David Grutman and chef Michael Schwartz, among other Miami elite. But Terry and his team do more than see to celebrity yards, offering gardening classes and teaching eager customers how to look after their own crops.

“We prefer clients that are deeply interested in becoming gardeners themselves and using homegrown produce regularly. We encourage clients to plant with us—or at least watch us and ask questions,” says Terry, referencing the company’s edible-garden services, which range from a one-time consultation to regular visits. “It’s best for clients to start with a small garden and grow it incrementally, depending on the ability for it to be cared for and used,” he says. Those looking to exercise their green thumbs in a small space can choose one of the company’s raised bed-gardens, available in several sizes and with an optional automated irrigation system.

Though Ready-to-Grow is equipped to handle every step of the process—even delivering compost or replanting and labeling new seedlings—their work goes beyond providing a service. “Every garden that we help plant is an opportunity to teach others about growing food,” says Terry. In the future, he hopes to expand the company’s instructional component to include educational videos besides the few currently available on their website, as well as offering more classes at their nursery that are tailored to local growers.

“While most of the country plants in the spring and harvests in the fall, in South Florida it is reversed,” says Terry, noting the inherent distinctions of Miami cultivation, which ensure the continual need for Ready-to-Grow’s expertise. “Understanding this difference in our climate is one of the main lessons that we teach to those who are new to gardening in our area.”


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