Meet the local Haitian artist playing cool folk tunes

Written by
Pola Bunster

Music—and all outlets of artistic expression—serve as reservoirs, slowly filling up as they collect the stories of our past. For local singer-songwriter Inez Barlatier, there is no barrier between where her story stops and the music begins.

A Haitian-American born local, Barlatier’s music blends her family’s cultures with the melting pot of influences her hometown of Miami offers. At any given moment, you can hear the distinct traditional sounds of Caribbean rhythms blended with the passionate lyricism of artists like Tracy Chapman, one of Barlatier’s greatest inspirations.

Her voice is from where that unique sound emanates, bringing to life the fusion of faraway lands like Africa, Brazil and even Cuba. It’s another instrument altogether, as Barlatier bares her soul with each note she sings. This form of self-expression, rare in Miami, is paired with familiar Caribbean beats.

Local organizations have taken notice, too. In 2017, the Knight Foundation awarded her a $10,000 grant to help fund her first EP, MOUN|MOON, which premiered at the Miami Light Project just this month.

Armed with not much more than a guitar, Inez Barlatier continues to light up Miami stages with her singular folk-meets-island style. To see where she’ll pop up next, check out the singer’s website,, for information on upcoming shows.


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