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Miami’s first baby spa is here because why not

Ryan Pfeffer

Has your infant been on edge lately? Is the munchkin carrying tension in his or her pudgy little potato shoulders? Do we really have the right to be surprised by anything anymore?

Enter The Amazing Baby Spa, Miami’s first spa catering to human beings with soft skulls and no cognitive understanding of the world around them. Located at 17184 West Dixie Highway in North Miami Beach, the Amazing Baby Spa offers infant massage and hydrotherapy with accompanying treatments for parents such as acupuncture and yoga. But, back to the babies!

Infant hydrotherapy, if you’ve never been lucky enough to see it before, is perhaps the cutest thing on the planet. Babies float in water thanks to an inflatable doughnut around their neck. It’s supposed to help with stress (it’s helping with ours right now, honestly) or sleep patterns or something like that but, really, it’s worth it for cuteness levels alone. After your baby is done soaking, they will receive “a full body massage with organic grapeseed oil.” The spa offers infant massage training for parents as well so you can rub your little nugget on your own time.

Treatments are available for infants two weeks to eight months old and range start at $125 for your first visit and $84 thereafter. So go ahead and treat your baby. Your baby deserves it! Your baby works hard! Go, babies! 

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