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One of Miami’s best Cuban sandwiches is making its return to Little Havana

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Nearly one year ago, a tiny sandwich shop opened inside a shipping container for a brief but glorious run on Calle Ocho. They called themselves Sanguich de Miami and promised to do the humble Cuban sandwich the right way: slow, fresh and with plenty of attention given to the little things.

Most folks who stopped by to taste agreed: they nailed it. But then—thanks to some permit drama with the city—we lost our shiny new Cuban sandwich spot—at least, for a little bit. Because we have good news, people: Sanguich de Miami has risen once more on Calle Ocho, this time in a permanent (and legal, we hope!) space in Little Havana at 2057 SW 8th Street.

The restaurant has been celebrating its soft opening for the last couple weeks. The grand opening will be on September 22 at 6pm with live music from the Pepe Monte Band and enough sandwiches to fill a swimming pool.

Sanguich 2.0 has a delightfully manageable menu with six different sandwiches. There’s the mainstay Cubano as well as a pan con croqueta and a pan con bistec that is allegedly very, very good. The lechon is still marinated for 24-hours and the shop’s city ham gets a seven-day brine. To go with the sandwiches, the shop will serve seven versions of the batido (Cuban milkshakes, for the uninitiated) and more tasty Cuban sides. The 750-square-foot restaurant will seat about 25 and also boasts a classic ventanita for those who just can’t wait one second longer for their Cubano (AKA us). 

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