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The best and weirdest Miami slang you need to know

Bro, c'mon.

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Miami can be a tough city to understand on many levels. In addition to emotionally, philosophically and meteorologically—it’s occasionally hard to understand just what the hell we’re saying. Sure, some of this has to do with the multiple languages spoken in Miami, but even when we’re all on the same page linguistically, sometimes the things coming out of our mouth need a special kind of translation. Fear not, confused traveler. We’ve compiled some of the most common Miami slang so you can know if you should laugh, gasp or run during your next conversation.

Bro. This word is a highly adaptable filler that can be literally stuffed anywhere in any sentence for emphasis. Example: Bro, I can't wait to make an omelet tomorrow.

De pinga. This Cuban curse word has a pretty NSFW translation (which refers to a certain part of the male anatomy) but all you need to know is that it is used to convey frustration, anger or dissatisfaction. Example: Bro, do we not have any eggs? De pinga! I was looking forward to an omelet!

Eating shit. This one makes a grand total of zero sense but Miami folks like to say it to articulate wasting time. Example: Did you spend all afternoon eating shit instead of buying a birthday present for your cousin like mom asked you to? De pinga!

La Saguesera. This Spanish term is used to loosely define the southwest area of Miami-Dade, generally used to emphasize the less interesting neighborhoods you’re forced to visit for family engagements. Example: I can’t come to E11even tonight. I’ll be eating shit in la saguesera for my cousin’s birthday.

Supposably. A commonly mispronounced version of the word “supposedly” that does the trick when your mouth is too tired to form the letter D. Example: Supposably, it was my job to get Lourdes a stupid birthday present for tonight so now I have to figure that out on my way to la saguesera.

A mission. A term used to describe a task that will require more time and effort than the speaker would prefer to exert. Example: Supposably there’s a Walgreens on the way to Lourdes’ house but it’s going to be a mission.

Dale. A versatile exclamatory term made famous by our lord and savior Pitbull used to express degrees of support or enthusiasm as well as a desire to move things along or hurry up. It can also be used to say goodbye and if you scream it at a pile of milk, sugar and three large eggs for 73 minutes you’ll get a delicious, jiggly flan. Example: Dale! It was a mission but we found the last My Little Pony at Walgreens.

Que cute. A combination of Spanish and English that translates to “how cute!” Use it when you see something cute, be it a person, animal or pastry. Example: Aw, que cute, the My Little Pony has bangs. Dale!

Key Rat. Used to describe a citizen of Key Biscayne who has one of those credit cards the bank won’t even show you unless you smell like a Tesla. They are always recovering from a sunburn and have a boat that you, sadly, only get to enjoy via Snapchat. Example: Just go to Whiskey Joe’s for happy hour. 

Pata sucia. A term used to describe one who removes their shoes (especially at a nightclub) and goes barefoot. It’s also an effective way of getting the saliva slapped out of you if you ever direct this term at someone in public (especially a young lady). Example: No, I’m not going to that bar it’s full of pata sucia Key Rats.

Doralzuela. What some folks call the city of Doral thanks to its heavy Venezuelan population. Example: Ugh, I was being a such a pata sucia in Doralzuela last night.

Pobrecita. A term (often used sarcastically when you try to tell your mean friends how you accidentally pulled out of Publix with your chicken tender sub on the roof) that means “you poor thing.” Example: You’ve got to drive all the way out to Doralzuela for your new job? Pobrecita.

Que bolá. A Cuban way of saying “what’s up?” Example: Que bolá? Oh, just reading this article? Well, congratulations, you’re done!

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