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The five craziest immersive exhibitions coming to Art Basel

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

It'd be a shame to go through Miami Art Week without catching at least one immersive exhibition. These interactive pieces invite the viewer to become part of the art and are often the most thought-provoking and talked-about works to come through Miami, generating headlines and conversations for months to come. This year's selection of immersive works—which range from powerful to jubilant—are sure to continue that trend.   

1. Have your jaw drop in Little Haiti.

Apparently, before you enter this exhibition, you have to sign a safety waiver. If this were any other corporate-sponsored Basel event, we might chuck it up to hype. But Antonia Wright is one of South Florida’s most fearless artists, whose pieces are often as violent as they are fascinating and important. In “Control,” the viewer waits behind a barrier. Suddenly, a crowd-control barricade is flung towards them, crashing chaotically mere feet from their face. The exhibition is open to the public but an RSVP ( is required to attend the artist's performance, which takes place on Saturday from 10am to noon. Tue, Dec 5, through Sunday, Dec 10 at Spinello Projects. Admission is free. 

2. Play pharmacist at the Fake Fulfillment Center.

Shawn Kolodny’s Fake Fulfillment Center examines the relentless want of human beings in its multiple gluttonous forms: drug addiction, social media, status-seeking and more. Guests will pop on white lab coats and enter the exhibition through a fake pharmacy at the Boulan South Beach. Once inside, they will be guided through a series of interactive rooms housing creations like luminescent IV bags and selfie-friendly vignettes. Wed, Dec 6, through Sun, Dec 10, at the Boulan South Beach. Tickets cost $25.

3. Get your Instagram fix at the Museum of Ice Cream.

Speaking of social media’s ability to make us do irrational things: The Museum of Ice Cream finally arrives this week for its Basel preview. It’s America’s favorite art exhibition that no one can quite explain. It’ll almost definitely sell out this week, so if you haven’t bought a ticket yet, you might just have to fill your bathtub with Skittles and use your imagination. Wed, Dec 6, through Mon, Dec 11. Tickets cost $38

4. Pop the coolest bubbles ever.

Studio Swine’s pop-up piece—titled New Spring—is inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom. It’s free and open to the public. Viewers are invited to come check out the tree sculpture, which will disperse bubbles filled with different kinds of scented mists. Pop and sniff away. Wed, Dec 6, through Mon, Dec 11 at 1415 Euclid Avenue. Admission is free.

5. Get a tattoo from one of the best in the business.

Tattoo artist Thea Duskin, known for her beautiful watercolor tattoos, showcases her skills live at the Aqua Art Fair. But guests have a chance to do more than just watch. Those who arrive early enough (and have $500 to spend) get a shot at getting a small, one-off original tattoo from Duskin herself. First-come, first-served. Wed, Dec 6, through Sunday, Dec 10, at the Aqua Hotel. Tickets cost $20 to $95.

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