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This massive neon pop-up is about to take over Miami’s Instagram feed

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

It seems Miami’s favorite word recently is immersive. The Umbrella Sky Project? Immersive! The new digital art gallery coming to Miami Beach? Immersive! Your sister-in-law’s A Star is Born-themed baby shower? Immersive, immersive, immersive!

What does it mean? Essentially, it just means some sort of attraction or installation that viewers can experience via more than one of the senses. Can you see it and smell it? Touch it and hear it? Jump in the center and take a selfie? Then chances are it’s immersive.

Many folks abuse this poor buzzword but Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden’s upcoming NightGarden pop-up is not one of those folks. This really cool looking “illuminated playground” has all the makings of a Miami hit. The 80-acre slice of green space is pretty on a normal day, but NightGarden will see the park cloaked in neon. NightGarden promises “talking trees, illuminated mazes, engaging scavenger hunts, a whimsical fairyland and [a] growing dandelion field.” Guests will be able to wander the grounds and experience it all at night starting November 23.

NightGarden will be open seven days a week: Sunday through Thursday from 6 to 10pm and Friday and Saturday from 6 to 11pm. There will also be a selection of yet to be announced Miami restaurants on site to serve drinks and food.

Grab your presale tickets now from $20 to $28. You don’t want to be stuck watching it all via Instagram. That’d be very un-immersive of you.  

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