10/3 The Nicollet Shitty And Awkward Locals Show

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10/3 The Nicollet   Shitty And Awkward Locals Show
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10/3 The Nicollet Shitty And Awkward Locals Show says
8PM, $2 to $7 suggested donation, all ages

going to shows can be intimidating. this whole rock and roll bullshit is supposed to be some kinda haven for all sorts of freaks and people who dont belong. and while it gets all clique-ey all over the country, i think its particularly bad in minneapolis because yall cant hardly fucking talk to each other without thinking you did something wrong

so we stand around feeling nervous and out of place. and we start projecting our insecurities on people who also feel nervous and out of place. so its a bunch of people standing on one side of the room and pointing at the other side, blaming each other for making them feel unwelcome.

but i know all of you fuckin morons and i know youre good people. so im trying to do something here. come on out to this fucking weird show and meet some fucking weird people and catch some VERY VERY OUT OF PLACE BANDS that arent shitty:

yo this shit is cool. there's electric guitar.

theyre just like daisy chains only instead of making music that sounds kinda nice, they make music that sounds evil and pissed off. they also have an electric guitar

i dont know what this shit is but i bet theres electric guitar. fuckin jerks from hot rash, the sleaze, condominium, and pisswalker.

yo its fuckin Ashen, band crushes

this place, The Nicollet (on franklin and nicollet), has new ownership and they want to host some rock shows. they got alcohol and coffee. and food, too. the dude booking is named HEATH SPLITT which is a pretty badass name and i remember seeing him at medusa sometimes.

if people dont go to this then i will assume yall are pretty happy being a buncha isolated dicks whose tastes are so undeveloped and narrow that you cant handle different styles of music.
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