Benefit For Jen Mobility

Benefit For Jen Mobility
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Benefit For Jen Mobility says
Come hang out with awesome, chill people* at one of the coolest neighborhood bars in Nordeast, and HELP OUR VERY OWN, LOVELY JENNIFER ANDERSON COMPLETE HER GUILLAIN-BARRÉ TREATMENT!

'Cos here's the deal: treatment is obscenely expensive, the money (maxed out the deductable with insurance and personal) has run out, and Jen hasn't yet completed the course of treatment she so desperately needs to beat this thing!! Let's get real here - Jen's screwed if we don't step up and party with her on the 4th. SO LET'S DO THE RIGHT THING AND PARTY!

Come and partake in...
+Great, rockin' music with Dj's and the Amazing Al Grande duo featuring Stephanie Huss.
+Tasty food (provided FREE, although donations will
be appreciated to offset costs)
raffling/auctioning off such priceless items as...
> Gift certificates for tattoos (and for tattoo removal!)
> Session at Hair-O-Smith and Hair by Natalie
> Classic, vintage albums (Stones, Beatles, etc.)
> Cool, crafty items MADE from classic, vintage
albums and OTHER crafty goods (incl. hand-sewn
items, beadwork jewelry, etc.)
> Artwork and Photos

You know you want to. You know it's the right thing to do. So accept the invite and switch from your Facebook app to your calendar app right now and schedule it in. Then come on the 4th. And party. It's the least you can do, right?

*Of course they're awesome and chill; they're Jen's friends and family!
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