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False, Livid, Seedship says
The end of February, the figurative burning of the effigy of TomTom and the rise from the ashes of a new era of punk rock bowling. I booked most of the band False at the lanes before they were even 21. In fact atreveho (is that what they were called) and redrum played a show together before false existed, at least I think, I remember there was a flier with a picture of a megadeath show on it. Yes thank you I'll take all the credit for starting false. But anyways, S.E. Hinton once said "That was then, this is now". And now I picked 3 awesome bands that have been shredding the T.C as of late to play this awesome show on the one day a year that happens every 4 years.

False: Black metallers that have worked their asses off to become one of the best in the country, yet still strongly connected to the fruition of the local scene. Great band full of great people.

Livid: Doomy, plotting and building songs, Coles vocals will grab you and not let you go until they are done with their set. One of my favorite newer bands right now.

Seedship: These folks bring a welcome addition to the stoner/doom genre that seems to be flooded with bands lately. Whatever they are doing they are doing it right because the music is heavy, catchy, and original.

SNAXXX: they are not a band and not playing but wouldn't it be awesome if they were?

Looking forward to not having to make another fb event for a while. 10pm, free, NO SNACKS ALLOWED! DON'T EVEN ASK.
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