France Camp Vinyl Release Show/ Stereo Confession/Daisy Chains/Nancys Raygun

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France Camp Vinyl Release Show/ Stereo Confession/Daisy Chains/Nancys Raygun
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The event creator says
preorder and listen to the single here off Forged Artifacts also first 50 gets some limited edition screen print by james france camp boi.

Holy shit its that time of the couple years again when france camp puts out a record and has a massive party at the entry and we have a few tricks up our sleeves this time. a raffle ticket party thats even bigger then ever. 0$ for onE ticket buy the france camp vinyl and you get 3 tickets. the prizes are bigger then ever. you can expect raw fish, you can expect dvd's, you can expect a lap dance from bass player kyle. cant tell you all the prizes but oh boi. we have fog. we have lazers. we have regrets. we are still at the drawing board thinking of others ways we can change your life and appreciate suggestions on this board. ANYWAYS. we also have bands and sick djs
line up is lick this
France Camp
Stereo Confession
Nancy's Raygun
Daisy chains
DJ Tickle Torture

this page is gonna get updated alot i think because i have no idea what im talking about but thats why we have plents of hosts. Im gonna go a little soft on ya now and bring the mood to personal level. listen. my dad is gonna be at this show. sures hes a proud dad but i never see that little glimmer in his eye like the old days when i was a kid and did awesome things like walk. and get expelled from highschool, and smoke cuban cigars.i just want to him to hug me again. andn say. you did it kid. your my kid. goodbye kid. guhd bless ya. i appreciate everyone that will bless us with your appearance and i hope you know you have helped the france camp be the france camp band we are today. please if you come to this show and dance. do so with class and not violence. this is a mariah carey show guys go crazy .
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