New Television Episode 3: Earthstronauts

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New Television Episode 3: Earthstronauts
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New Television Episode 3: Earthstronauts says
"What if space didn't exist? What if it did, but not everyone could be an astronaut? What if that world was closer to our own than you thought?"
- Earthstronauts opening credits


Justin Colucci - The sound of mirth, the sound of now!

Turner Barrowman - Found your dad!

Patrick Susmilch - Not in my house!

Joey Hamburger - A murder most foul!

Sidney Oxborough - Ten-thousand tears!


Madeline McCabe - Dang in, dang out!

David Sitrick - A dog by any other name!

Kathleen O'Brien - not at Applebee's!

Sam Segal - A dancer!

Bhavesh Viswanath - Forces beyond our comprehension!

Christopher Murphy - Better than dead!

Keaton Reiners - loose bad man!

With Misha Best Friend!

Henry Fuguitt and the Whose Sein Is It Anyway? players!

And as always, our constantly-changing in house band Aubades and the New Television Nobodies, ALONG WITH ABBY MAROSE IN OUR NEW SEGMENT "YOU CAN'T GUESS THAT TUNE CAUSE IT'S BRAND NEW!"

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Human Kindness will be playing our after-party, Not New Television!

Check 'em out here:

John's mom said she thinks that New Television is a really great thing for him! What other show has that going for it?!

Come on down, bring your friends, drink 2-for-1 PBR and Grainbelt tallboys, and have a gay old time!

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We hope to see you there!
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