Rune Lore 2 (Second Aett) With Kari Tauring, M A T

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Rune Lore 2 (Second Aett) With Kari Tauring, M A T
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Rune Lore 2 (Second Aett) With Kari Tauring, M A T says
August 17th (Wednesday) 7-9 pm

Learn the History and Mystery of the Elder Futhark Runes
The Norse Runes are more than just letters in an alphabet. Some say the Runes are an ancient mystical source of connection, power and protection. Others use the runes as a tool to guide them. For many, the runes are the keys which unlock realms of creativity and consciousness. Discover all this and more in this three session course in runes taught by Kari Tauring, MAT.

Learn the origin of the root word for Runes - Ru from Sanskrit to the Indo-European script runes and the Finnish runos. Plunge into the aetts (8 letter family of runes . . . there are three in the elder futhark). As each letter's meaning is discovered, the story of the Vanir, Aesir, and Joutens unfolds! This class will explore the first aett and give you a foundation to explore the runes as a whole.

Course Benefits:
* Understand the history of the runes
* Learn the meanings of all 24 runes of the Elder Futhark
* Connect with and understand the Norse Myths and Sagas
* Discover your personal relationship with the Runes
* Learn to Voice or Chant the Runes

Cost: $30

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About Kari Tauring, MA
Kari Tauring is a völva, a staff carrier of Nordic spiritual and cultural traditions. Her classes teach the pre-Christian mindset, folk traditions, cosmology, mythology and metaphysics of Northern Europe from Germany through Scandinavia and into Finland. Thirty plus years of study and practice in Norse traditions is anchored on her Norwegian-American Minnesota roots. She is the author of two books (available on-line), an iPhone App, and four musical releases (available at the Eye of Horus and other locations) that explore her Nordic roots.
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By: Eye of Horus Metaphysical

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