Runelore With Kari Tauring, Mat

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Runelore With Kari Tauring, Mat
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Runelore With Kari Tauring, Mat says
April 1st, 8th & 15th (Wednesdays) 6:30-8:30pm

Learn the History and Mystery of the Elder Futhark Runes
The Norse Runes are more than just letters in an alphabet. Some say the Runes are an ancient mystical source of connection, power and protection. Others use the runes as a tool to guide them. For many, the runes are the keys which unlock realms of creativity and consciousness. Discover all this and more in this three session course in runes taught by Kari Tauring, MAT, author of Runes a Human Journey (the text for this course . . . sold seperately).

Learn the origin of the root word for Runes - Ru from Sanskrit to the Indo-European script runes and the Finnish runos. Plunge into the aetts (8 letter family of runes . . . there are three in the elder futhark). As each letter's meaning is discovered, the story of the Vanir, Aesir, and Joutens unfolds!

The second aett may well be the oldest group whose meanings and stories tell of creation, the Norns, and our place in the World Tree cosmology!

Explore the third aett, then translate your name into the runes. What does your name mean? What does it sound and feel like as we sing/chant the runes of your name?

Course Benefits:

* Understand the history of the runes
* Learn the meanings of all 24 runes of the Elder Futhark
* Connect with and understand the Norse Myths and Sagas
* Discover your personal relationship with the Runes
* Learn to Voice or Chant the Runes

Course Text:
"The Runes: A Human Journey", by Kari Tauring MAT - available in advance or at time of the course.

* * * * *

About Kari Tauring, MA

Kari has performed throughought the midwest. The otherworldly sound of kulning and lokking, cow calling vocals of the setterjente (upland herding girls) and the Huldre (cow-tailed fairy women) waft over the fairgrounds. Tauring's presentations compel us to listen. Medieval rune songs, passages from the sagas, Huldre Lokk, Stav rhythm and dance weave through masterful story telling.

Author of "The Runes: A Human Journey" 2007 (available on line, through Ingebretsen's and the Eye of Horus in Minneapolis and from the author), Tauring's presentations and workshops stem from 20 years of research, teaching, and performance. Her shows are interactive and can be solo or very large productions. Schools, lodges, and weekend work shop programs are available. With a Masters Degree in teaching, Tauring's programs appeal to all ages and levels of learning.

Her CD "Völva Songs" (6 song EP released May 2008) gives listeners music in Votic, Icelandic, Norwegian and English that is sweet as a lullaby and frightening as a Valkyrie. Her performances are intense and impeccable (cd available on-line, in select stores and at performances).

* * * * *

Cost: $75
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By: Eye of Horus Metaphysical

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