Santa Muerte: Revering The Reaperess

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Santa Muerte: Revering The Reaperess
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Santa Muerte: Revering The Reaperess says
Meet the lady who may be calling to you in dreams, in signs, or through pop culture imagery: La Santisima Muerte (Holy Death). See the grim reaperess for who she truly is: a devoted lifetime companion offering guidance, love, protection and prosperity. While Santa Muerte, the Mexican saint of death, is usually portrayed negatively as a fierce drug cartel saint in mass media and TV, her oldest and most popular role is that of sorceress throughout Latin America and the United States.

Popular devotion has raised her up as a multifaceted and mutli-tasking warrior. She is a dark goddess who helps devotees face those parts of themselves that they’d rather not see because she cares. This course will give some insight into the pre-Columbian history, the development and importance of the Angel of Death in Latin American society, and offer guidance into working with the fastest growing spiritual movement in the Americas. Participants will get to know La Huesuda (The Boney One); her origin, her purpose, the significance of the colored robes and candles. Participants will learn how to set up an altar for her and will create una vela prepareda (a loaded candle) with herbs and oils to being their journey in honoring Santisima Muerte.

Suggested reading: La Santa Muerte: Unearthing the Magic & Mysticism of Death by Tomás Prower, available through the Eye of Horus.

About the Instructor:
Nsasi Vence Guerra comes from a family of seers and spiritualists. She specializes in mediumship via the Latin American practice of Espiritismo . She is initated into IFA, 21 Divisions (Dominican Voodoo), and Palo Mayombe. She is also a Level II Reiki practitioner. In addition, she is an educator, spoken word artist, and poet. Her poetry has been featured in various anthologies including Shades of Ritual: Minority Voices in Practice and Shades of Ritual: Minority Voices in Paganism.

Cost: $30
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By: Eye of Horus Metaphysical

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