The Mae Flies "Night Of Neil" With Keith Abrahamson $8

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The Mae Flies "Night Of Neil" With Keith Abrahamson $8
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The Mae Flies "Night Of Neil" With Keith Abrahamson $8 says

The Maeflies “Night of Neil"!
This night is dedicated to all Neil Young fans. Back by popular demand, The Maeflies will perform a special “all Neil” set list featuring Neil Young’s entire “Harvest” album with song commentary. Special Guest musician Keith Abrahamson will share the show and play Neil like never heard before.

The Maeflies, Minnesota’s alt-country-rock ensemble of 5, have been playing their trademark sound for over 13 years. They deliver rich signature harmonies, hot guitars and songs that tell a story. The Maeflies know their way around any iteration of guitar, including pedal steel, mandolin and
banjo. All the Maeflies can sing and pass around the lead vocal. Mae fronts the band; and you will discover why. The Maeflies have released 2 albums of original music: “Goodbye Sometimes” and “Dinkytown Highway”, both available
on iTunes and Pandora Radio. Go to The Maeflies website for more info.


Musician/writer Keith Abrahamson (aka: Keith Aber) has come full circle back to performing after years of life’s other priorities. Enjoying every minute of that path but not having enough minutes to tune up his favorite string of
letters: E,A,D,G,B,E: he is back. For the last 3 years he has been seen at café’s, coffee houses and bars throughout the Twin Cities, like 318 Cafe, Victor’s on Water music Lounge, School of the Wise, Plums and The Aster Cafe. He does regular appearances opening for the Maeflies; including their
new special project “Night of Neil”. With his case of harmonica’s by his side and various selection of acoustic or electric guitars dangling in his digits, he has put together a package of songs that will pop off your lips via the grave of ganglions and deep dendrites your brain has somehow backed
up away in that hazy cloud. Keith covers the musical genres of Blues, Rock and Country; including classic artists such as Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Little Feat, Van Morrison, John Prine, Greatful Dead, Jonny Cash, The Cure, Talking Heads, Rod Stewart, and Beatles AND new artists such as Shaky Graves, Mumford and Sons, Avett Brothers, and Cage the Elephant.
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