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Moccione Montreal
Photograph: Maude Chauvin

Here's how Montreal's restaurants ranked in the 2020 edition of Canada's 100 Best Restaurants

Joe Beef and Toqué! lost ground in the top 10 while Montréal Plaza moved up, and new players from Montreal made the cut

JP Karwacki
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JP Karwacki

The results for Canada's 100 Best Restaurants for 2020 was released today, and 25 Montreal restaurants made it into the list this year with a few new names arriving, as well as gains and losses both steep and slight.

While the Toronto restaurant Alo continues to take the top spot for the fourth year in a row, the number of Montreal restaurants which made the top 10 dropped to three restaurants, down from four in 2019: Joe Beef slipped down one spot to number 3, Toqué! moved down three spots to number 6, and Montréal Plaza moved up one spot to number 7.

Le Mousso experienced some of the greatest losses, dropping ten spots to number 16, down from number 6 in 2019; a surprising turn of events when considering that the restaurant's chef du cuisine Francis Blais won Top Chef Canada's Final Showdown recently, and its sous-chef Camilo Nascimento-Lapointe was the top winner of the popular Quebecois cooking show Les Chefs!.  However, the restaurant more casual counterpart Le Petit Mousso finally joins these listings for the first time at number 49.

A similar plummet in ranking was experienced by Le Vin Papillon, which fell from its number 13 spot in 2019 down to number 23, and Liverpool House fell a huge 38 spots down to number 57. More drops like this can be found with Milos, Jun I and Le Club Chasse et Pêche (see the complete results below).

These results aren't disappointing across the board, however; Vin Mon Lapin made huge strides in this year's edition after climbing up the list by 29 spots to number 21, and the Cabane À Sucre from Au Pied de Cochon (not to be confused with La Cabane d’à Côté) rose a whopping 34 spots up to number 47. Similarly, Kabir Kapoor's Old Montreal fine dining restaurant Pastel climbed 16 spots upward to number 22. 

As for new names from Montreal, there's two that took little under a year to be noticed by the culinary guide. The Verdun-based Beba from frontman Pablo Schor and Ari Schor (the former chef de cuisine at Liverpool House) skyrocketed up the list to number 25 after being open since July 2019, while the Villeray-based Italian restaurant Moccione from Maxime Landry and chef Luca Cianciulli (formerly a sous-chef at Toqué!) nabbed a spot at number 45 after being open since the end of 2018. Finally, the Italian restaurant Il Pagliaccio finally made the list.

Here are all the restaurants in Montreal which made the cut, followed by the spot they held in 2019:

3. Joe Beef (2)

6. Toqué! (3)

7. Montréal Plaza (8)

16. Le Mousso (6)

21. Vin Mon Lapin (50)

22. Pastel (38)

23. Le Vin Papillon (13)

25. Beba (N/A)

30. L'Express (32)

37. Damas (43)

42. Monarque (48)

45. Moccione (N/A)

47. Cabane à Sucre PDC (81)

49. Le Petit Mousso (N/A)

56. Nora Gray (N/A)

57. Liverpool House (19)

60. Foxy (77)

62. Maison Publique (36)

63. Elena (44)

66. Jun I (41)

69. Boullion Bilk (55)

83. Il Pagliaccio (N/A)

86. Le Club Chasse et Pêche (52)

89. Milos (30)

93. Candide (85)

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