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The City of Montreal has launched an eco-friendly bike delivery service for small businesses

The new bike delivery service launched by the City of Montreal is way faster than that stuff you ordered on Amazon.

JP Karwacki
Written by
JP Karwacki

If you've tried to order from big businesses like Amazon recently, you've probably noticed that the estimated delivery time can reach upwards of a month as they're feeling the squeeze of higher demand for goods to be brought directly to doorsteps. That's why the latest initiative for a new bike delivery service will give Montrealers more access to goods from local businesses, from bookstores and florists to hardware stores and bakeries.

The benefits for Montrealers go beyond what goods will be available as well, as deliveries (provided the system doesn't get overwhelmed) should only take no more than a day to be received, and delivery fees won't exceed $5 plus tax. 

It's more improtant than ever to shop local, buy local and support local: Following on the wave of available delivery services that are appearing throughout the city—alongside much-welcomed stuff like beer delivery and wine delivery in Montreal—this new delivery service was launched today by the city of Montreal with coordination by the Sociétés de développement commercial de Montréal (SDC) and execution by Jalon MTL and COOP Carbone/Esplanade.

If you know of a local business owner who might benefit from the project, here's a list of the neighbourhoods that are a part of this project, provided they are a member of their borough's SDC organization (and the application form in French to be part of this can be found here):

This isn't for more restaurants to do delivery, however; one major restriction in the goods being made available for Montrealers is that meals, frozen food and generally any product that will perish within one hour of being out at room temperature won't be transported—little surprise there, as new delivery services and platforms are popping up in the face of the lockdown. On the bright side, that means that businesses like bakeries, fruiteries, chocolatiers and a lot of other non-perishable items will become available, depending on which business are members of the SDC and want to participate.

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