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Time Out Market Montréal Enters the Twilight Zone

Time Out Market Montréal x Nuit Gourmande
Photograph: JP Karwacki

You’ve got to try this one-night-only fusion feast at Time Out Market.

Save the date of February 22 on your calendars and start prepping your appetites like Thanksgiving was coming early this year. As part of Montréal en Lumière’s Nuit Gourmande event on February, Time Out Market Montréal’s restaurants and chefs are putting their heads together to create one amazing menu you only get one night to try: Each eatery will be doing a dish inspired by another restaurant. We’re calling it Time Out Market Montréal Enters the Twilight Zone.


Sneak peek at Foxy's take on Grumman '78
Photograph: JP Karwacki


When you look at the all-star line-up we’ve got at the market, a collection of varied accomplished culinary backgrounds, an event like this one makes for creations that are as curious as they are wild and crazy: We’re talking Japanese-Italian fusion, Portuguese chicken pizza, Haitian-French pastries, Vietnamese ice cream and more.  Think of it like one big pop-up event that’s happening at 17 restaurants on a single street, all serving special menus over the course of one evening.

On the menu...

Grumman ‘78 inspired by Marusan
Paul Toussaint inspired by Charles-Antoine Crête and Cheryl Johnson
Le Red Tiger inspired by Burger T!
Moleskine inspired by Romados
Le Club Chasse et Pêche inspired by Il Miglio
Il Miglio inspired by Le Club Chasse et Pêche
Marusan inspired by Moleskine
Charles-Antoine Crête and Cheryl Johnson inspired by Demo Kitchen (Laurent Godbout)
Montréal Plaza Deli inspired by Hof SuCrée
Foxy inspired by Grumman ‘78
Olive et Gourmando inspired by Dalla Rose
Hof SuCrée inspired by Paul Toussaint
Romados inspired by Foxy
Foodchain inspired by Montréal Plaza Deli
Burger T! inspired by Olive et Gourmando
Dalla Rose inspired by Le Red Tiger
Demo Kitchen (Laurent Godbout) inspired by Foodchain


Sneak peek at Le Red Tiger's Burger T! dish
Photograph: JP Karwacki


When Montréal en Lumière begins its annual festivities in February, the one-night-only event Nuit Gourmande comes with it. That means our city explodes with a huge amount of world-class chefs doing guest appearances, special menus and discussion panels on the world of gastronomy. If you want to discover the best things to do at Montréal en Lumière, from Nuit Gourmande and the outdoor amusement park to what’s going down on the night of Nuit Blanche, you can find our guide to Montréal en Lumière here.

As for Time Out Market Montréal entering the Twilight Zone? We’re only going to be doing this event on one night and one night only. If you ever wanted to divide and conquer a whole dinner menu with a bunch of friends and family, tasting and trying everything that’s on offer, this is the night to do it.

Time Out Market Montréal Enters the Twilight Zone will be taking place from 6pm to midnight on February 22nd. Each eatery at the market will be making one dish inspired by another eatery, mixing and matching flavour, texture, philosophy and culture.