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Christmas / Noël, Verdun, Promenade Wellington
Photograph: Caroline Perron

BREAKING: Families and friends are no longer permitted to gather for Christmas, says Legault

The provincial government is walking back its "moral contract" that would allow the people of Quebec to gather for the holidays, only two weeks after making the announcement.

JP Karwacki
Written by
JP Karwacki

In a press conference on December 3 at 1pm, Premier Legault announced that the government would be walking back its previous decision to allow the people of Quebec to gather for the holidays.

The original decision was to allow up to 10 people gather indoors for two of the four days during the period of December 24 to December 27, provided that anyone who planned to do so would isolate one week before and afterwards, and that people would only gather for two of those four days.

"We've been fighting... for three weeks now," Legault said in the conference. "New cases leads to more hospitalizations. If we continue in this directions, hospitals will overflow... That being said, I would to thank Quebeckers for all of their efforts, but with the numbers we have, it will be unrealistic to think we will change (the situation) in time for Christmas.

I'm announcing that gatherings in red zones will not be allowed for Christmas."

The Premier went on to note that the government will continue to allow individuals to visits people who are living alone, provided that they wear masks, stay socially distanced and keep visits short.

When asked what the Premier would do with people who would disregard the order and gather anyway, Legault said he would "trust in Quebeckers' responsibility." Pressed once again how the province might invigilate citizens' activity, Legault said "I think that, without wanting to, we made a decision that was we're saying it will be the same thing for Christmas as it will be for New Year's (Eve and Day)."

As for those that live in orange and yellow zones, Legault said that "small gatherings" would be permitted.

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