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Boucherie Édouard & Léo
Photograph: Gabriel Petridis DeRossi / Boucherie Édouard & Léo

Chef Marc-André Jetté's new Montreal project Boucherie Édouard & Léo joins a new wave of butchers

Boucherie Édouard & Léo is part of the new wave of butcher shops that looks to make meat consumption an educational experience.

JP Karwacki
Written by
Tommy Dion
Translated by
JP Karwacki

Chef Marc-André Jetté recently took the gamble: Known in Montreal as chef of the highly acclaimed restaurant Hoogan et Beaufort, he opened a butcher shop that's entirely online. What may seem risky to some—launched at a time when meat consumption is a delicate subject to say the least—the vision and values attached to this project help set it apart from the pack.

Boucherie Édouard & Léo (a tribute to the grandfathers of Marc-André and his partner, who were also producers) was born at the height of the pandemic, when tsmall and local farmers needed the most help.

"The trigger was when my source for duck, with whom we have worked for nearly 15 years, told me he was going to have to cease his activities due to the drop in demand," Marc-André says.

Since this producer was far from being an isolated case, the chef matured the idea, started going through his rolodex of producers, and assembled a small team before the project launched.

"We didn't start this butcher shop with the goal of getting Montrealers to eat more meat," says the chef.

One of Édouard and Léo's missions is to educate people about meat consumption, which is in line with some of the other 'new wave' butcher shops in Montreal.

"Our goal is to make people aware of where the pork, poultry or beef they buy comes from. To honor the artisans behind it all, each carefully selected for their know-how and the incredible quality of their animals.

On the online platform, it's possible to buy beef, pork, duck, poultry and lamb from Quebec, in pieces entirely worked by the head butcher, or already transformed into prepared dishes: Chicken liver mousse, lasagna, parmentiers, fresh pasta and many other preparations from the not so distant time when Hoogan et Beaufort had to stick to takeout and prêt-à-manger meals like every other establishment in the city.

One twist: Shoppers can virtually meet the producers and select each piece of meat that will be on the menu in the coming weeks; a nice tribute to the artisans who are often relegated to backrooms and out of sight.

Boucherie Édouard & Léo's online platform can be found here. Deliveries are made from Tuesday to Saturday during one of two time slots available.

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