Is Halloween trick-or-treating happening this year? Yes, but with restrictions, says Legault

The Quebec Premier François Legault announced today that trick-or-treating as we know can continue for Halloween 2020—with some restrictions.

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Looks like Halloween isn't cancelled this year in Montreal and across the province of Quebec.

Today, Quebec Premier François Legault announced that children can proceed with trick-or-treating as planned during his press briefing today, but that it would come with some restrictions. "This year is only for kids gathering candy," Legault said, noting that there won't be any Halloween parties for adults at a time when red zone status still run rampant in the province.

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J’ai des enfants et l’Halloween, c’était tellement important pour eux quand ils étaient plus jeunes. Je sais à quel point ça rendrait tristes nos petits monstres s’ils ne pouvaient pas se costumer et aller récolter des bonbons. Mais j’ai une bonne nouvelle! On a eu des discussions avec la Santé publique et, étant donné que ça se passe essentiellement dehors, il va être possible de fêter l’Halloween, mais avec des consignes très importantes à suivre. 🎃1. Les enfants et leurs parents, pour les plus jeunes, vont devoir circuler seulement avec ceux qui habitent la même résidence. Je comprends que ce n’est pas l’fun de ne pas pouvoir être avec ses amis, mais c’est la première condition. 🎃2. Dans la mesure du possible les enfants devront récolter les bonbons placés à un endroit situé à deux mètres des occupants de la maison visitée. Mais attention, il n’est pas question de faire des partys d’Halloween. En 2020, l’Halloween est réservée aux enfants qui vont partir à la chasse aux bonbons dans leur quartier. Les enfants, préparez vos costumes! 👻

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Even though kids now have the green light to go door-to-door, there won't be any door-knocking this year as new restrictions will have to be put in place: Children can't go with their friends, and must stick to the immediate social bubbles of their families or members of their household in general. When it comes to getting candy, Leagult said that they must be given out at a two-metre distance, noting that they could be wrapped up in individual bags—so here's hoping a couple of rotten apples don't dump the full bowl into their bags.

Despite these allowances, it seems everyone—from the media at large to individuals—believe that the current restrictions in Montreal and other red zone area of QUebec will still have their lockdown measure in place well past October 28th. It's likely, considering that caseloads are still high.

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