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Perseids Meteor Showers
Photograph: Michał Mancewicz

The Planetarium is hosting meteor shower watch parties at the Montreal Botanical Garden next week

Watch one of the greatest light shows in the universe—the Perseids meteor showers—next week in the Botanical Garden.

JP Karwacki
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JP Karwacki

Save the date: This coming Monday a limited number of tickets will be sold for the Perseids meteor shower watch parties, hosted by the Rio Tinto Planetarium at the Botanical Gardens.

There will be two events taking place, one of August 11 and the other on August 12, both providing Montrealers with a place free of light pollution and surrounded by the flowers to view one of the best astronomical events of the year. Generally speaking, viewing the Perseids can begin as early as July, but this time of the month at this time of year yields plenty of chances to get a good look at them as it's close to the Perseids’ peak.

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Pour bien des amoureux du ciel et de plein air, août est synonyme d’étoiles filantes. L’édition 2020 de la fameuse pluie des Perséides, qui bat son plein vers le milieu du mois, ne se déroule pas dans les meilleures conditions possibles. Mais peu importe, puisque ce sont les planètes qui voleront la vedette au cours de ces magnifiques nuits d’été!⁠ ⁠ 👉Cliquez sur le lien dans la bio @Espacepourlavie pour savoir ce que nous réserve le ciel du mois d'août!⁠ ⁠ *****⁠ For many avid skywatchers and outdoor enthusiasts, August is synonymous with shooting stars. The 2020 display of the famous Perseid meteor shower, in full swing by mid-month, won’t take place under optimal conditions. But have no fear, because the planets will steal the show during these wonderful summer nights!⁠ ⁠ 👉Click link in @Espacepourlavie bio to discover what the sky have in store for us this August?⁠ ⁠ #cieldaout #carteduciel #constellation mapofthesky #augustsky #cieldumois #monthlysky

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In order to avoid the interference of moonlight, the events on both nights will take place between 8pm and 1am on the night of August 11 to 12 on the grasses of the Botanical Garden's greenspace. Astronomers from the Planetarium will be on site to help stargazers identify constellations, share tips for nighttime universe viewing and hold discussions related to the night sky—except when it's time for silence and staring awestruck at the heavens. Activities are planned in French.

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So dress warm if you need to, bring a blanket, pack a thermos or two with your beverage of choice and check out one of the more immersive events the Planetarium offers every year.

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