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Le Passé Composé, Time Out Market Montréal
Photograph: JP Karwacki / Time Out

Time Out Market Montreal has a new, huge weekend boozy brunch menu and every eatery has a dish

Every weekend, Montrealers can get together with friends and eat their way through a whole food hall in a big boozy tour.

JP Karwacki
Written by
JP Karwacki

If you're like us, you've probably been eager to get back to the tables of Montreal's restaurants, and to once again meals from the city's most amazing chefs at all hours of the day.

The thing is, while we would be happy just to eat a two-egg plate for breakfast, we know that brunch can be so much more than that. And at Time Out Market Montréal? It's ten times what you think brunch can be: Starting this Saturday and Sunday (February 19 and 20) from opening until 3 p.m. onward, every single eatery at the Market is going to be making a special dish to blow your weekend out of the water.

Breakfast pizzas and brunch poutines? Middle Eastern, Indian and Japanese brunch dishes? You can sign yourself up for all of it, but the best way to experience it will be bring a bunch of people and try a larger selection of dishes together, all while knocking back some of the special cocktail pitchers that have been crafted for the occasion (see below the menu):

What's on the menu?

Paul Toussaint — Jerk sandwich, mesclun, fried egg, plantain fries

Le Red Tiger — Sweet and Sour chicken

Moleskine — Breakfast pizza: Mornay sauce, tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms, fior di latte, cheddar, egg, lettuce

Mezzmiz — Foul with Eggs: Lebanese fava beans with zaatar and sumac spiced eggs

Il Miglio — Spaghetti carbonara: panchetta, pecorino, parmasan, eggs, black pepper

Marusan — Nikujaga Teishoku: A bowl of steamed rice, miso soup, ganmo tofu patte, onsen porched egg with dashi, Japnaese beef and potato stew

Americas BBQ — Benedictine Al pastor, barbecue pork, poached eggs, potatoes buns, guacamole, hollandaise sauce

Chanthy Yen — Pork Taiwanese pot stickers, poached egg, crunchy XO sauce and green onions

Casa Kaizen — Nori Tostada brunch : Nori panko, garlic sour cream, no-tuna, jalapeños panko

Tunnel Espresso — The Brunch Sidekick: one coffee of your choice with a special sweet treat

Campo — Bifana Brunch Poutine: grilled pork cutlet, fries, cheese curds, Sao Jorge cheese, Porto sauce, sunny side up egg

Le Blossom — Inari: Salmon, tamago, fried avocado, sweet potato

Burger T! — BLT!: bacon, tomato, lettuce, egg and cheddar cheese

Le Taj — Aloo Gobi: cauliflower and potato curry

And for drinks?

To top it all off, you you can top up with a special boozy cocktail menu from the Time Out Bar that you can order up either by the glass or by the pitcher.

Cocktails include a festive 'Mai Tom' (12 for a glass, 30 for a pitcher) tiki drink with rum, fruit juices, Cointreau, and more; the 'Crémeux Abricot(12 for a glass, 30 for a pitcherfor a creamy mix of Spritz les Iles, a new boozy milk liqueur named Crème à glace, plus lemon, apricot, and orange; and no brunch is complete without some bubbles, so try the 'Fraises des Champs(12 for a glass, 30 for a pitcherwith its mix of rhubarb liqueur, Saint-Germain, sparkling wine, strawberry, and basil. 

And if you'd rather keep things zero proof? There are plenty of mocktails, house sodas, and smoothies to dig into if you've got to stay sharp throughout the rest of the day.

Time Out Market Montréal's new brunch menu starts on the weekend of February 19 and 20, and will be available every Saturday and Sunday from opening until 3 p.m.

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