There's a Girl in My Soup

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

In this adaptation of Terence Frisby's stage play - a traditional romantic comedy, despite its cynical trappings - Peter Sellers is badly miscast as the suave TV personality and professional wolf who meets his match in an innocently depraved girl. Looking more like a moonlighting comedian than a ladykiller (he plays with a fixed smirk evidently meant to suggest irresistible charm), Sellers makes it a very long haul to the point where he finally makes up his mind, too late, that marriage might be preferable to a life of one-night stands. Goldie Hawn is delightful as the fey charmer who, for reasons of her own, disconcertingly counters his seduction techniques by jumping the gun. But even she cannot turn suet pudding into soufflé.


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Roy Boulting
Terence Frisby
Peter Sellers
Goldie Hawn
Tony Britton
Nicky Henson
John Comer
Diana Dors
Gabrielle Drake
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