Confidence Man, 2018
Photograph: Confidence Man, 2018

What's the deal with… Confidence Man?

Everything you need to know about the Aussie outfit currently reigniting the flames of indie disco

Lisa Wright

Confidence Man? Sounds like a selfhelp guru. Should we be worried?
No, no. There’ll be no subtle brainwashing here – except that of the disco variety. Confidence Man is four people from Australia touting super-fun, kitschy dancefloor bangers. And one of them’s even a woman! Call ‘Watchdog’! Judging from their dance moves, they probably are quite confident, though.

Dance moves?
Yes and plenty of them. CM’s live shows are famed for some pretty wacky shape-pulling. Imagine two people who look like disgraced kids’ TV presenters (singers Janet Planet and Sugar Bones) leading a 2am exercise class for two mysterious men in masks (that’s instrumentalists Clarence McGuffie and Reggie Goodchild), then you might start to get the vibe.

Okay, bit weird. Is the music decent?
It really is. Penning playful, pisstaking party tunes about how cool it is to be in a band (‘Don’t You Know I’m in a Band?’) and lame partners (‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’), the quartet clearly don’t give a shit about being cool. Which actually makes them very cool indeed. Geddit? And if you don’t trust us, trust indie gurus Heavenly Records, who are releasing their imminent debut LP ‘Confident Music for Confident People’.

Sounds pretty damn confident. What track should I listen to first?
Well, you could do a lot worse than 2017 single ‘Better Sit Down Boy’, which sounds weirdly like Girls Aloud’s ‘Love Machine’ but if Nadine, Chezza and co had grown up listening to electro vixen Peaches.

I’m sold. Can I see them for myself?
You can indeed. They’ll be on UK shores to headline Village Underground in May, and they’re also joining the massive Friday bill of All Points East alongside LCD Soundsystem, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix and more. So if you want to kick off your evening by busting some synchronised moves to the kind of beats that Deee-Lite (they of ‘Groove Is in the Heart’ fame) would be proud of, then you know where to head.

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