3rd Grade Friends & Joy On Fire

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3rd Grade Friends & Joy On Fire
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3rd Grade Friends & Joy On Fire says
Get ready ladies and germs:
When Mouthhole houseband The Chewers and Mouthhole sweeties and all around dynamos Heinous Orca went on tour together earlier this year they saw many bands along the way. Some were good. A few were great. But one band stood out as so unanimously most excellent that plans began immediately to lure them back Mouthward and expose them to Nashville's loveable weirdos - that's right, we mean you. The time is now upon us to introduce to you the incredible, sensational "3rd Grade Friends"! Joined by their cohorts "Joy on Fire" and the reunited "BarCar Tour 2016" duo of Heinous Orca and The Chewers themselves - these four super-powers are now set to unite for a night of entertainment that will change the face of Nashville's music scene forever. This is not hyperbole. This is not a salespitch - this is The Mouthhole, Oct. 8th!

3rd Grade Friends (Rhythmspasm gutwrench)

Joy on Fire (Oozejazz moodfuzz)

Heinous Orca (Footstomp screechbump)

The Chewers (Scalpfunk growlcrunch)

Is it the greatest bill The Mouthhole has ever had? Is it the most important show in "Music City"? There's literally only one way to find out - BE HERE. Oct 8th, 9pm, $0, 4 bands that are going to melt your whole entire brain. You're not gonna have a brain anymore and you won't even miss or need it.
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By: Zealot Zealot