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Best Halloween movies for kids on Netflix

Boo! The best kids' Halloween movies for kids on Netflix are here to pleasantly haunt your Halloween movie marathons.

Written by
Danielle Valente
Time Out editors

In a spooky state of mind? Look no further. The best Halloween movies for kids on Netflix have are here, and this ever-so-eerie lineup is perfect for your little monsters. 

Between selections like The Addams Family and the Netflix Original A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting, these flicks will keep you and your little ghouls plenty entertained while snacking on candy.

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Best kids' Halloween movies on Netflix in 2020

Could you imagine if an R.L. Stine book came to life? For one tween, this is his reality. Sonny and his best friend Sam cross paths with Slappy, a dummy from an unpublished Goosebumps book who is very much alive. Plus, Slappy has set his sights on Sonny's mom. Soon a cast of spooky characters have been unleashed on the town, and it's up to Sonny to save his mother and his neighbors. Talk about getting lost in a good book, huh? Rated PG. 


Long before Freddie Highmore took on the role of the infamous Norman Bates, he was Jared in The Spiderwick Chronicles. In this 2008 book-turned-film, we watch the young boy and his family move into a relative's former estate. Strange things keep happening in the run-down home, and everyone thinks Jared is to blame. But it seems that the magical happenings aren't too fictitious after all. Rated PG. 

Moving to a new house is not without its challenges, but could you imagine what it would be like if said house is being ambushed by underground beasts? One teen soon finds out that only ones who are able to stop this madness are the gnomes. Talk about an intersting move! Rated PG. 


Being reunited with loved ones is always exciting, but something is a bit...strange about Uncle Fester's homecoming (even for his standards). The entire kooky clan begins to pick up on his unusual ways, and soon everyone suspects this man isn't the Addams he claims to be. We must ask, "Will the real Uncle Fester please stand up?" Rated PG-13.

An oldie but a goodie, this film follows Bastian, who's on the run from bullies. When he ducks into a bookstore to take cover, he stumbles upon a fantasy tale about a land called Fantasia, that is depending on a human child to survive. After he reads more, he begins to wonder if this story is fact or fiction. Rated PG. 


Perfect for your teeny monsters this Halloween, Spookley the Square Pumpkin is a story that's more heartwarming than frightening. He and a few pals learn to accept and embrace his different looks from the other pumpkins in the patch. Rated G. 


A witch convention is certainly not the first thing you expect to come across while staying at a hotel in England with your grandmother. Unfortunately, little Luke's curiosity gets the better of him, and he's caught spying on their evil gathering. It's up to Luke and his Grandmother to fight back against the witches, but it's just a hair more difficult now that Luke has been turned into a mouse. Rated PG.


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Netflix’s new fantasy comedy combines Bojack Horseman’s visual humour, theater-kid awkwardness and some truly great musical numbers to tell the weird tale of a horse whisked away to a land of centaurs… and not just the horse kind. There are centaur moles, ficuses, cats (who seem to love Andrew Lloyd Webber, natch) and more in this cacophonously odd tale that should keep adults engaged with its sly humour while kids marvel at the silliness. 


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