A brand-new sleeper train to the Alps is set to launch next year

The winter service for this new route from Brussels to the Austrian and Italian Alps could run between February and Easter 2025

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Innsbruck train station with mountains in the background
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Train enthusiasts and ski fanatics, listen up. We reported back in December that Italy had launched a sleeper train route all the way from Rome to the Dolomites, but apparently that was only the beginning of new services designed for skiers. 

European Sleeper, the operator behind this mega-route between Berlin and Brussels, is considering launching a service between Belgium and the Austrian and Italian Alps. If it goes ahead, the ‘Good Night Train’ service will run between February and Easter in 2025

It would depart from Brussels on Wednesdays and trundle a 15-hour journey to Innsbruck before continuing to Venice, and would then return on Sundays to allow for long weekends out on the slopes. 

European Sleeper hopes the route will attract skiers from the UK, who can easily reach Brussels via the Eurostar. Their plan is to capitalise on the shift towards ‘slow travel’, given people are seeking ‘smarter, rather than faster’ travel, according to co-founder Elmer van Buuren. 

Each train will have the capacity to host around 750 passengers in sleeper compartments, and van Buren also told Travel Weekly that ticket prices will be ‘much more attractive’ than high-season airfares to Alpine airports – and we’re certainly here for that (though we don’t know exact prices just yet). 

Any alternative to flying sounds like a step in the right direction, so stay tuned for more updates. Oh, and here are some tips on how to become a more sustainable tourist in the meantime. 

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