A 'Friends'-themed cruise will pack 500 fans into a floating Central Perk

Somewhere, a cruise-ship band is perfecting 'Smelly Cat'

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Friends Cruise
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The Friends reunion has come and gone, but if the 15 years since the series finale has taught us anything, it's that fans will relish in any excuse to scream the lyrics to "Smelly Cat" or debate whether Rachel and Ross were on a break. Now, the Central Perk faithful can cram together on a 1,041-foot-long cruise ship for a full week of Friends fandom with "The One When They Went On a Cruise." 

The expedition, announced last week by FANA World Travel, departs from Fort Lauderdale on May 15, 2022. During the cruise, 500 fans will cruise to Key West, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Along the way, they'll don costumes, participate in trivia and cooking demos  and more in addition to traditional cruise activities like hitting the pool, mingling at the many bars and reenacting the "King of the World" scene from Titanic… only this time while donning a trendy '90s-era Jennifer Aniston haircut.  

"Get ready to eat like Joey, joke like Chandler, cook like Monica, shop like Rachel, yoga like Phoebe and dig like Ross," the cruise's website enthuses without really elaborating what sort of archaeological wonders fans can partake in from what is presumably a very solid marine structure. 

The cruise — which is explicitly not endorsed by NBC or any Friends affiliate —will include several off-shore excursions, giving Friends superfans the unique opportunity to regale locals in the deep lore of the show while participating in such activities as a Mayan Spiritual Cleanse, which couldn't BE more Phoebe. 

Tickets start at $1,648 for the Celebrity Cruises event, which currently does not include any actual celebrities, though the members of the Rembrandts are likely waiting for a call with bated breath. The price includes WiFi access and a beverage package, though travelers will need to get their own insurance. 

That last bit is kind of crucial, given the fact that the COVID pandemic is still very much a thing, and will likely remain so in 2022 despite vaccination efforts. The cruise industry was hit particularly hard by COVID. Images of docked cruise ships are still very much on worried minds in an era where the Diamond Princess became synonymous with onboard outbreaks. 

Cruise With Friends and Celebrity Cruises does, however, promise extra vigilance in terms of health and safety: All US guests age 12 and up must be fully vaccinated, complete a health test and complete a health questionnaire, plus comply with local health restrictions. 

That should give some solace to anyone concerned with the website's declaration that "Joey doesn't share food but friends do on the high seas." 

To book, visit FANA World Travel. Otherwise, Friends is streaming on HBO Max. 

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Before you board, brush up on every major cruise line's COVID protocol. 

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