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Fast/Jurassic World
Image: BossLogicGraphic designer BossLogic has visualized a crossover where raptors are family.

A wild 'Fast'/'Jurassic World' rumor has fans losing it

It's all about family. And velociraptors.

Written by
Andy Kryza

The Fast/Furious family appears headed to space in F9, and in entering the final frontier the series will begin the race toward its endgame: Director Justin Lin claims that there will only be two more films in the series after Vin Diesel battles John Cena this June (then probably invites over for Coronas). But that doesn’t mean the Fast family can't still expand, especially in the unlikely event that chatter about merging the franchise with fellow Universal money-printer Jurassic World has any weight. 

Way back in April, F9 director Lin held a virtual conference on the hotly anticipated film (carried via CNET), and offered up the following tongue-in-cheek quip about crossing over with the Jurassic Park franchise. 

"Once you reach a certain pinnacle, there's nowhere to go but to cross brand and merge, it's what big corporations do with each other when they get too big, you know what I mean?” the director said. “I've never said never to anything.”  

It’s worth noting that the last time the Fast crew “joked” about something ridiculous, it was going to space. So when, in the same press conference star Michelle Rodriguez exclaimed, "I love it, dude! I'm all in! We were talking about this yesterday,” fans' ears perked up despite the inherent ridiculousness of the conversation. 

Now, as F9 storms the international market and Jurassic Park: Dominion — which is not named after Fast hero Dom Toretto (as far as we know) — is set for release next summer, the unlikely crossover is once again trending. Scoop-chasing studio-leak specialist Daniel Richtman told We’ve Got This Covered that Universal is very into the idea of the corporate synergy and that Vin Diesel would be open to expanding the family to include his Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Chris Pratt. And also some raptors.  

It's all just gossip from unreliable sources, of course. Still, the two brands merging would make more sense than the Men in Black/21 Jump Street crossover that was leaked in North Korea's hack of Sony. In a franchise that includes Idris Elba as a jacked-up superhuman, is it that far-fetched to think that a velociraptor—the fastest predator of prehistoric times—wouldn’t make an excellent driver? Having defeated a nuclear submarine and a harrier jet in hand-to-hand combat, a T-Rex seems a logical next step for the Rock. And does not the Jurassic series' focus on cloning explain how Han waltzed into the F9 plot despite being murdered by Jason Statham? 

Probably not. But that hasn’t stopped the online fan community from jumping on the news. 

Noted graphic artist BossLogic — a pro at faking crossover events and fantasy film casting — offered up his vision of what casting a raptor in the late Paul Walker’s role could look like.

Amateur Photoshoppers followed suit with lesser results.

Some fans began rallying for the Fast series to incorporate Jeff Goldblum, which honestly seems like something that should have happened years ago. 

Many pointed out that the series would make sense if only they embraced what came before: Specifically, the extremely weird ‘90s cartoon Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, which could easily be adapted to be called Dodge Challengers and Dinosaurs.

While some said the series could make good on the squandered opportunities that Transformers: Age of Extinction whiffed. 
Meanwhile, apparently a Fast & Furious/Jurassic World film already exists… sort of. The low budget short film Overdrift is a weirdly believable joke that isn’t far off of what a crossover could look like. 

The likelihood of this actually happening is pretty slim, but fans have willed crazier things to life (Case in point, the Snyder Cut). Meanwhile, Universal also owns Back to the Future, in case anyone wants to ask Ludacris to comment on a crossover so we can start imagining Tyrese screaming in a Delorean.

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