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Ask Rick from 'Tiger King' your burning questions on Saturday

(Psst: He's the TV producer that's always smoking. And he's doing a live-stream Q&A.)

Written by
Tim Lowery

Rick Kirkham, that ever-puffing-away TV producer who's featured throughout this little-known Netflix docuseries called 'Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,' is getting in on the live-streaming action. (We're obviously kidding about that little-known stuff: The hit series has seemingly been seen by everyone at this point. There's even talk of a bonus episode, and we've compiled these life lessons we learned and cooked up a guide to what to watch after plowing through the show.)

Anyway. Kirkham, who lived at the G.W. Zoo for a year while filming a reality show on 'Tiger' star Joe Exotic, plans to share unseen footage and answer fans' queries on Saturday, April 11 at 7pm BST over at allthingslive.inplayer.comPer the press release, "viewers can submit questions for Kirkham by posting a video on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #AskTigerRick, or by sending an email to" 

Kirkham apparently has a lot to say, as evidenced by these quoted nuggets from said press release: "Joe was terrified of big cats, and he had plans to release all the animals on the park if someone tried to shut his zoo down. He wanted as many people to be injured as possible if they tried to take his zoo away." Then there's this: "[Joe] acted as a doctor to those of us in the park, giving injections and medications (meant for animals) to us when we were sick." And lastly, um, this: "Joe had an odd relationship and fascination with female porn stars."  


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