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Copenhagen is getting a network of incredible floating parks

The architect-designed islands will be used for swimming, boating and even farming

Ellie Walker-Arnott
Written by
Ellie Walker-Arnott

Right now, we’re daydreaming pretty much 24/7 about where we’re going to travel to and what we’re going to explore once we can. And this proposed park in Copenhagen has just made its way onto our list. 

The Danish capital is set to get a ‘parkipelago’ right in its city centre. It’ll be a series of man-made islands or floating parks available for anyone to use for relaxing, swimming (yep, the urban waterways in Copenhagen are clean enough to practise your butterfly stroke in), boating, stargazing and even farming. 

According to the Copenhagen Islands project designers Marshall Blecher and Studio Fokstrot, the islands will create ‘swim zones, floating saunas, floating gardens, floating mussel farms and a floating sail-in café, all free to be explored by the increasing number of kayaks, sailors, GoBoaters, tourists and fishermen in the harbour.’

Copenhagen Islands
Photograph: Marshall Blecher/Studio Fokstrot

They are designed to create more public spaces in the city, but have also been constructed with rising sea levels and future environmental challenges in mind. Planted with bushes, grasses and trees, they are also intended to attract and support wildlife, while the underside of the islands should be an ideal environment for seaweeds and molluscs. 

The islands can be moved around to popular as well as less-explored areas of Copenhagen’s harbour – and can be grouped together for festivals or events. 

One island – CPH-Ø1, which is a wooden platform topped with a single linden tree – is already bobbing in place, and is set to be joined by three more floating companions this year.  

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