Denmark has recalled these Korean instant noodles for being too spicy

The makers maintain there's no issue with the quality of the product and suggest it’s the spiciness the Danes can’t handle

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Sanyang instant noodles
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Denmark is known for having some best food on the planet. The Scandinavian country is a hotbed for high-end dining – Copenhagen recently ranked as one of the best cities in the world for food for its New Nordic dining scene and delicious local specialties like smørrebrød. 

But one thing Danish cuisine isn’t known for is spice. And now, in a move that has led social media users to joke that the Danes are ‘never beating the can’t take spice allegations’, Denmark’s food agency has recalled several flavours of South Korea’s popular instant noodle brand, simply for being too spicy.

They’ve warned consumers that the ultra-spicy ramen might give consumers ‘acute poisoning’.

The banned products are three varieties of the hot chicken noodles made by the popular Korean brand, Samyang. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has emphasised that these instant noodles pack a very high dose of capsaicin – the active component of chilli peppers that give them their spicy kick.

Danish officials have warned of the risk the super spicy noodles can pose to children after many young consumers in Denmark dared each other to eat the noodles in a TikTok spice challenge trend.

The makers maintain that there’s no issue with the quality of the product and suggest that it’s just the spiciness that the Danes can’t handle. Burn.

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