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Google’s Animals tool
Photograph: Time Out

Google 3D brings life-size lions, tigers and pandas into your home – here’s how to use it

Huw Oliver
Written by
Huw Oliver

Chit-chat with the flatmates wearing thin? At this point of the global lockdown, we reckon it’s time to play Big Brother and bring a troublesome new contestant into the house. How about a life-size lion, tiger or giant panda?

Yep: thanks to Google’s augmented-reality animals tool, you can choose from a range of furry new residents and view them in 3D within the confines of your own home. To get involved, all you have to do is search for a particular animal on Google and click on ‘View in 3D’ (beneath the image results and Wikipedia entry). As long as you’ve given Google access to your camera, you can then press ‘AR’ and the animal will pop right up in your pad.

Animals known to be included in the feature include alligators, brown bears, cheetahs, giant pandas, lions, octopi, penguins, racoons, sharks, snakes, tigers and wolves. That house dynamic just got a helluva lot more exciting.

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