How to spot the Starlink satellites in the sky above your home

The Starlink satellites are visible in the skies above Europe right now

Ellie Walker-Arnott
Starlink satellites
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If you live in Europe and think you spotted a UFO in the skies over your home this weekend, we’re sorry to disappoint, but that was probably just the Starlink satellites.  

Lots of people reported seeing the strange lights, which appear in a line and move a bit like a train, in the sky over the last few days. But, as far as we know, they’ve not got anything to do with extraterrestrial beings. 

Instead, the Starlink satellites are part of Elon Musk’s SpaceX project. The low-orbit satellites are designed to provide high-speed internet to everywhere on the planet, including locations previously unable to access it, by 2021. 

For now, though, they’re just pootling around and confusing stargazers.

You haven’t missed your chance to see the stream of bright satellites over Europe. In fact, the Starlink is set to be super visible tonight (April 20). Just head outside after dark and you should be able to see them pass from west to east across the sky. In London and Paris the best visibility will be for six minutes at 9.58pm.  

There are more than 300 Starlink satellites up there in the atmosphere right now. Some are brighter than others, and you can find out when they’ll be visible over your home using FindStarlink. Places like Portland, USA and Darwin, Australia have good visibility coming up in the next few days. 

While you’re out there, keep your eyes wide for the Lyrid meteor shower, which is also brightening up our skies at the moment. The shooting stars are set to peak tomorrow night (April 21-22), but are visible tonight as well.

Fingers crossed for clear skies. ✨

Find out more about Starlink and follow the satellite’s progress here

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