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How to use Houseparty: the social app keeping isolated people connected

Written by
Kate Lloyd

Are you the kind of person whose weekends normally consist of brunch with friends, a work out with friends, culture with friends and parties… with friends? Then this whole social distancing thing is probably starting to feel pretty lonely.

Luckily, there are now loads of apps where you can hang out with all your pals at once. Google Hangouts and Zoom have gone from workplace staples to socialising essentials, but right now there’s one app to rule them all: Houseparty.

The Houseparty app has been around for almost a year, but started hitting headlines this week as millions of people in the UK and US entered social distancing measures. It can be downloaded on to desktop PCs as well as both iOS and Android phones. You connect with friends by sharing a link.

At its most basic, it’s a very easy way to have split-screen multiway chats like the iconic ‘Mean Girls’ phone call. Your mates are able to see when you're online, meaning they can instantly hit ‘chat’ and get a multi-way conversation going. Up to eight people are allowed in a chat at once.

You can also use it to play one of a number of games available on the app, like Heads Up!, as well as doing trivia quizzes and drawing competitions. If things go on like this, you’ll never have to hang out with anyone IRL ever again.

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