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Amman, Jordan
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Is it safe to travel to Jordan right now? The latest travel advice

Here’s everything we know so far about travelling to Jordan amid the Israel-Hamas conflict

Liv Kelly
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Liv Kelly

Home to five Unesco World Heritage Sites and more than 100,000 archeological and religious landmarks – including Petra, one of the most famous in the world – Jordan makes for a fascinating holiday destination for all those interested in Middle Eastern history. It’s a popular destination for some winter sun, and annually it has around 5 million visitors. 

However, as the country borders Israel, where a violent war between Israel and Hamas has been unfolding since Saturday, travellers are questioning if it’s safe to visit this part of the world. Israel has just declared a state of emergency, so here is everything we know so far about travelling to Jordan. 

Is it safe to travel to Jordan at the moment? 

The UK Foreign Office is not currently advising against travel to Jordan. 

The Jordan Tourism Board released a statement to address concerns about safety for travellers. It says: ‘In light of the recent developments in Gaza, we want to emphasise that Jordan continues to be a safe and welcoming destination for tourists from around the world.

‘As always, the Jordan Tourism Board is here to assist and support tourists in making the most of their visit.’

Flights to and from Queen Alia International Airport in Amman and King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba are still going ahead. Many airlines have suspended their services to Israel, but there have been no reports of this happening with flights to Jordan. 

What has the UK Foreign Office said? 

The UK Foreign Office has updated its travel guidance regarding Jordan, advising against all but essential travel to within 3 km of Jordan’s border with Syria, where it describes the situation as ‘fragile’. 

It also advises against all travel to the provinces in Iraq that border Jordan, and says that crossings with Israel could be shut with very short notice due to the conflict. 

Though the political situation in Jordan is stable and protests in Amman and other cities are usually peaceful, tourists should still be cautious. 

What about the travel advisory? 

Similarly to the UK Foreign Office, the Jordan Travel Advisory encourages caution. They recommend against all travel to the following locations:

  • Within 3.5 km of the Jordanian border with Syria, and east of the town of Ruwayshid
  • Designated Syrian refugee camps in Jordan due to government restrictions
  • Zarqa, Rusayfah, and the Baqa’a neighbourhood of Ayn Basha due to risks of terrorism and crime

It also urges travellers to reconsider travel to Ma’an City and some areas of Ma’an Governorate. You can read more about their advice on travelling to Jordan on their webpage. 

Is it safe to travel to other places in the Middle East amid the conflict in Israel?

As the conflict rages on, travellers are uncertain about whether it’s safe to visit neighbouring countries. You can read our travel guide on Israel and Egypt here, and our guide for travel to Türkiye here

For all the information about helping those affected by the conflict in Israel, read our guide on charities and organisations providing vital aid and where you can donate.

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