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It turns out ‘Stranger Things’ terrifying Creel House is a real American mansion

And you literally couldn’t pay us to live there

Phil de Semlyen
Written by
Phil de Semlyen

Movie and TV houses are so frequently built and shot on sound stages – for all sorts of practical reasons – that it’s a surprise to discover that Stranger Things’ key Season Four location, the demonically plagued mansion, is a real inhabitable edifice.

The Gothic Revival house, which was built in 1882 and is known as the Claremount House, can be found near the centre of Rome, Georgia.

Of course, Stranger Things fans will know it better as the ‘Creel House’. It’s to this property that Victor Creel and his young family move in 1959, only to encounter the fourth season’s big bad, murderous demon Vecna.

IRL, the grand two-storey house is known as one of Rome’s most prominent historic homes’. It was built by local lawyer Colonel Hamilton Yancey in the late 19th century and boasts seven bathrooms and six bedrooms.

Yes, it also looks a lot like the Psycho house, with that central mansard tower and wood framing, but prospective buyers unfazed by this kind of thing can expect to pay $872,800 for it – should it come back on the market.

Stranger Things house
Photograph: Google MapsA street level view of the Claremont House

According to Mashable, those Psycho similarities were a big draw card for the Stranger Things scouting and production team. When the Netflix show rolled into town, the owners were on the verge of renovating which offered a chance to uglify the place and filmed those Creel scenes. Other sequences were, of course, shot on sound stages. 

The house is a private residence again, and not visitable by fans looking to grab a selfie or access the Upside Down.

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