It’s official: these are the best pizzerias in Italy right now

The pizza connoisseurs have spoken: here’s where to go in Italy to grab the perfect slice

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Delicious traditional Neapolitan pizza
Photograph: Shutterstock.comDelicious traditional Neapolitan pizza

Sure, pizza is good delivered in a cardboard box straight to your couch. But it’s even better when it’s served fresh from the oven of a pizzeria in Italy. And for those wondering exactly where to go for the finest slices in pizza’s ancestral home, the (Italian) experts at 50 Top Pizza have just ranked Italy’s greatest pizzerias for 2023.

The top spot on this year’s list went jointly to 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria in Naples and I Masanielli in nearby Caserta. These top pizza makers not only took home the grand prize, but the Naples joint also took home an award for Best Service and the Caserta restaurant won a Green Oven Award. (Yes, even pizzerias get props for being eco-conscious.)

In second place was I Tigli in San Bonifacio, just outside Verona. Nicknamed ‘mother yeast master’, its owner Simone Padoan is widely recognised as an innovator and meticulous researcher when it comes to dough-making.

Closing out the top three is Seu Illuminati by Pier Daniele Seu in Rome. 50 Kalò in Naples took the fourth prize, while in fifth position was 180g Pizzeria Romana in Rome. Its La Parmigiana Viaggiatrice took home the coveted Pizza of the Year 2023 award.

Here are the top ten pizzerias in Italy, according to 50 Top Pizza.

  1. = 10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria, Naples
    = I Masanielli by Francesco Martucci, Caserta
  2. I Tigli, San Bonifacio
  3. Seu Pizza Illuminati, Rome
  4. 50 Kalò, Naples
  5. 180g Pizzeria Romana, Rome
  6. I Masanielli by Sasa Martucci, Caserta
  7. Francesco & Salvatore Salvo, Naples
  8. Dry Milano, Milan
  9. Cambia-Menti Di Ciccio Vitiello, Caserta
  10. La Notizia 94, Naples

And if you aren’t headed to Italy any time soon, check out the ranking of the best pizzerias in Europe.

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