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London named horniest city in the world
Image: Shutterstock / Time Out

London is officially the horniest city in the world

A new study has ranked the ‘most seductive’ metropolises across the globe

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

If a city is seductive, it’s more than just romantic. It’s adventurous, sex-positive, even outright horny – or at least that’s the definition according to online booze delivery service The Bottle Club.  

So, which cities in the world are the most seductive? Well, The Bottle Club reckons it has come up with a definitive ranking. Using factors like the number of strip clubs, ‘sex events’ and one-hour hotels, but also counting the number of restaurants selling aphrodisiacs (in this case, oysters and champagne) and the number of people on OnlyFans, the firm reckons it’s come up with the world’s lustiest, flirtiest and most sensual metropolises.

And number one is… London! The UK capital was deemed to have a huge number of ‘sex events’ and people signed up to ‘fetish sites’, as well as a huge number of people on OnlyFans.

London was closely followed by Las Vegas, which, obviously, has a shit ton of strip clubs (it ain’t called Sin City for nothing), while third place went to New York. NYC ranked well thanks to its huge number of one-hour hotels, but also for its flourishing online ‘fetish sites’.

The cities deemed the least seductive were Copenhagen, Cape Town and Porto. All ranked poorly in terms of strip clubs, one-hour hotels and OnlyFans usership.

Obviously these kind of things should definitely be taken with a pinch of salt, but if you’re looking for a steamy, sex-positive getaway, perhaps London should be top of your list. Here is the report’s top ten in full:

1. London, UK
2. Las Vegas, USA
3. New York, USA
4. Madrid, Spain
5. Paris, France
6. Rome, Italy
7. Berlin, Germany
8. Toronto, Canada
9. Sydney, Australia
10. Los Angeles, USA

If you fancy diving deeper into The Bottle Club’s full methodology and rankings, you can read the whole thing here.

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