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Forest from above
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Mapped: all the most awe-inspiring rewilding projects around the world

From cheetah conservation to mass tree-planting, these are the world’s most inspiring rewilding efforts

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

Rewilding is pretty darn cool. The idea that people can heal land which has been devastated by humans and reclaim it for nature is inspiring. And we aren’t talking about just planting loads of greenery: rewilding projects restore habitats and conserve species. On a larger scale, they help to stabilise the climate and halt mass extinctions.

And now, thanks to an online map, you can easily see the most impressive rewilding efforts taking place around the world. A collaborative project from OpenForests and the Global Rewilding Alliance, the idea is that people can browse videos and photographs of the projects – ranging from India, Brazil and South Africa to the USA and UK – and be inspired to take action themselves.

Plenty of the examples included in the tool are pretty bloomin’ inspiring. Take, for instance, the Cheetah Conservation Fund, which is dedicated to helping cheetahs live and flourish in Namibia. Then there’s the 100 Million Saxauls project in China, which is planting millions of desert plants and aims to restore 133,300 hectares of vegetation. Or consider the Chaco Herpetofauna Research and Conservation Program, which is dedicated to conserving species of turtle and tortoise in Argentina.

All these projects give you faith that people really can make a difference in the fight against habitat destruction and climate change. There are more than 100 projects currently featured on the map, spread across 70 countries and covering a whopping one million square kilometres.

Interested in finding out more? You can play around with the interactive map for yourself here.

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