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Inside Job
Image: Netflix

Netflix wants to make conspiracy theories fun again

A new cartoon from the Gravity Falls team will be more 'X-Files' than QAnon

Written by
Andy Kryza

It's hard to remember as elected officials regularly tout tales of vampiric cannibal cabals and Jewish space lasers as fact, but conspiracy theories used to be fun 

Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch and writer Shion Takeuchi remember. And now, the pair is teaming up with Netflix to harken back to an era where the pages of Weekly World News were a source of giggles and real-world insurrectionist ideology. 

Per Variety, the streamer just announced Inside Job, an animated workplace comedy from Hirsch and Takeuchi. According to an announcement made during the Annecy Animation Festival, the show will embrace the supernatural tone of the beloved Gravity Falls and take place within the confines of Cognito Inc, a shadow-government agency investigating the unexplainable.  

Essentially, the show will be more X-Files monster of the week than QANON, a distinction Takeuchi was quick to make. 

"There needs to be an asterisk in this day and age because there are lots of things we'd never like to promote being true," Takeuchi said in the announcement. "We always try to find our own way into a conspiracy theory, the classic ones. We never say that what you heard on the internet somewhere is exactly how the theory was perpetrated."

The 20-episode, adult-oriented show, whose date is yet unknown, will star Lizzy Caplan, Christian Slater, Clark Duke, Andrew Daly, Bobby Lee, Tisha Campbell and Brett Gelman, who memorably dove into the wackier side of tinfoil hats as a paranoid journalist in Stranger Things.  

Inside Job isn't the only animated workplace comedy on Netflix's upcoming slate: the hugely popular puberty comedy Big Mouth is gearing up for a spinoff. Titled Human Resources, the show will take place in the world of the show's Hormone Monsters, who control children's wild mood swings. 

Per Variety, the show will feature returning stars Maya Rudolph and Nick Kroll in addition to newcomers Aidy Bryant, Randall Park and Keke Palmer. 

No release date is available for either show. 

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