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View of a beach in Catalonia
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Nudists in Spain are campaigning against clothed tourists on their beaches

Many are keen to avoid being in the background of selfies while they‘re sunbathing starkers

Liv Kelly
Written by
Liv Kelly

Some 50 beaches in Catalonia, Spain have a decades-long association with welcoming nudist bathers. However, the nudists who frequent these beaches are up in arms over the swathes of tourists who have started pitching up, still in their clothes. 

Furious about the ‘lack of respect’ shown to the nudist tradition, Catalans are fighting back. 

Long-time naturist Segimon Rovira is leading a campaign on behalf of the Naturist-Nudist Federation of Catalonia, and has written a letter to his local government asking for a meeting to address what is described as ‘the discrimination that nudists face on the beaches of Catalonia.’

The group is also considering launching social media campaigns, signage and protests to raise awareness that certain beaches are for those who prefer to be at one with nature. 

The ‘textile invasion’, as the local media call it, has been catalysed by high tourist numbers and social media. The swathes of travellers writing blogs and guides have often mentioned the outstanding natural beauty of the area, while neglecting to mention its ties to nudism. 

Subsequently, tourists often rock up and choose to remain clad in swimwear, making some nudists feel very uncomfortable. 

‘There are nudists who have stopped going to some beaches because they are too crowded, and there are too many people wearing swimsuits and they feel uncomfortable. People that are naked don’t want to end up with their photos on social media,’ said Rovira. 

Some brave nudists have allegedly persevered, but have then been the object of laughing and staring. Unsurprisingly, women are more likely to receive verbal abuse. Rovira explained that the whole point of having dedicated nudist areas is to ensure the safety and well-being of those who wish to participate. 

Here’s hoping the campaign can help nudists reclaim their safe spaces on the Catalan shores. 

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