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Revealed: the airline that’s most likely to cancel your flight this summer

Travel data firm Mabrian has ranked the worst airlines in Europe for flight cancellations

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

The return to plane travel has been a very, very rough ride. From hours-long queues at security and passport control to thousands of cancelled flights and countless lost bags, the aviation industry is still struggling to get back in the swing of things.

The chaos is pretty evenly the fault of both airlines and airports, but some airlines have certainly been worse than others. And a handy new study from travel data form Mabrian has totted up the numbers of cancelled flights and – more importantly – the percentage of cancellations by each airline to find out which is the absolute worst.

According to Mabrian, the worst airline for cancellations is… Turkish Airlines! (That’s right, shockingly, it’s not British Airways or EasyJet.) Turkish Airlines cancelled 399 flights over two weeks in June – nearly seven percent of all its scheduled departures.

Second in the study is EasyJet, which cancelled 1,394 flights over the same period. However, that was only about 5.5 percent of all those scheduled, making it, statistically speaking, marginally better. Third worst is the UK branch of Wizz Air, which grounded 45 flights at a rate of just over three percent.

Below is Mabrian’s full top ten least reliable airlines, along with the percentage of cancelled flights.

1. Turkish Airlines, 6.66 percent

2. EasyJet, 5.46 percent

3. Wizz UK, 3.14 percent

4. Tui, 2.64 percent

5. Saudia, 2.5 percent

6. Scandinavian Airlines, 2.47 percent

7. United Airlines, 1.29 percent

8. Wizz, 0.76 percent

9. Vueling, 0.64 percent

10. AirEuropa, 0.62 percent

Of course, the above ranking is based on a relatively small time frame, so it excludes a significant number of other flight cancellations. It also doesn’t take into account advance cancellations, like the thousands of routes axed by British Airways over the past few weeks.

If you’re interested in finding out more, you can read Mabrian’s full study for yourself here.

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