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View on Manhattan at night, New York, USA
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Revealed: the world’s wealthiest cities in 2024

These locations are home to more millionaires, centi-millionaires and billionaires than anywhere else

Liv Kelly
Written by
Liv Kelly

Every year, we rank the world’s best cities based on community vibes, food and drink, culture and nightlife – but one thing we don’t look into is the number of billionaires.

While most of us city-dwellers are trying our best not to go into our overdraft every month, many of the cities we call home double as playgrounds for the super-rich. And to tell us which cities are the richest of all, wealth migration firm Henley & Partners has released its annual World’s Welathiest Cities Report for 2024. To come up with the ranking, the firm assessed the number of millionaires (and billionaires) who are residents there.

Claiming the top spot for another year running is New York CityThe Big Apple has an incomprehensible total wealth of $3 trillion – $3 trillion – thanks to the 349,500 millionaires, 744 centi-millionaires and 60 billionaires who call it home. The same report revealed New York is the second most expensive city to live in after Monaco. Shocker. 

San Francisco came in second place, which has had a millionaire growth rate of 82 percent over the last ten years, and in third place it was Tokyo, which is home to around 298,300 millionaires. 

These are the ten wealthiest cities in the world 

  1. New York
  2. San Francisco
  3. Tokyo
  4. Singapore
  5. London
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Paris
  8. Sydney
  9. Hong Kong
  10. Beijing

You can read about Henley & Partners’ report in more detail here

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