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Solar eclipse
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Solar eclipse 2024 Europe: when and where to watch the spectacle tonight

Ahead of the total eclipse in North America, here's what you need to know about getting a partial slice of the action in Europe

Liv Kelly
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Liv Kelly

Solar eclipse day is finally here, meaning we’re just hours away from a narrow strip of Mexico, the US and Canada being plunged into complete darkness. But it’s not just North America that will witness the spectacle – a partial eclipse (where the moon will sort of block out the sun’s light) will also be experienced in some places across Europe

The spectacle won’t be visible everywhere, but you might be lucky. Here’s all the info about how and when you could glimpse the phenomenon, based on where you are in Europe.  

Solar eclipse 2024: when and how to see the April 8 eclipse in the UK
These states are the best places to watch the 2024 solar eclipse

Where in Europe can you see tonight’s solar eclipse? 

The view of tonight’s eclipse will be pretty limited in Europe. Still, people in parts of the UK and Ireland will catch a glimpse of the partial eclipse between 7.50pm and 8pm GMT, specifically in Cork, Limerick, Galway and Dublin in Ireland, and Belfast, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Leeds and Liverpool in the UK (if there are clear skies – fingers crossed). 

While the rest of Europe won’t see anything, the eclipse will be streamed on NASA’s website, which you can tune into right here

Another total eclipse is set to take place on August 12, 2026 over Greenland, Iceland and Spain. And almost exactly a year later on August 2, 2027, there’ll be one visible from northern Africa, Gibraltar and the Saudi peninsula. Unfortunately, the UK won’t be so lucky, as the next total eclipse visible from the country will be in 2090.

What time will the eclipse happen?

The eclipse will begin at around 8.52pm and end at 9.51pm CET. That’s an hour earlier in the UK, at 7.52pm until 8.51pm GMT – but you can check timings for specific regions here

This is how to watch the eclipse in the US and in the UK.

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