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Actor Stanley Tucci at Venice Film Festival 2015
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Stanley Tucci is making a TV series about British food

From mozzarella to… mushy peas?

Jon Hornbuckle
Written by
Jon Hornbuckle

Acting legend and honorary Londoner Stanley Tucci is making a TV series exploring the delights of British food.

Tucci is no stranger to cookery shows, having presented two seasons of Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, and releasing three cookbooks. Tucci even portrayed legendary TV chef Julia Childs’ doting husband Paul, opposite Meryl Streep in the 2009 drama Julie & Julia.

Now he has his sights set on the beige buffet that is British cuisine. Fingers crossed for an episode based purely on frozen food that reminds you of school lunches.

‘I think we are going to do “Searching for the British Isles” or whatever you call it. We are going to do that next year,’ Tucci told the Dish podcast.

‘England has so much to offer, and again, you sort of want to dispel the myth of, “Oh, in England nobody eats well.” We know that’s not true. The hope is to sort of educate people as I’ve been educated by living here.’

Tucci, who lives in London, said another benefit to the upcoming series is that he ‘won’t have to fly for the most part’ and he will ‘be able to come home more often’, unlike his previous globe-trotting food shows.

Since the success of his series exploring the incredible food culture of Italy, local tourist groups have set up guided tours to take visitors around all of the same restaurants seen in the TV show. Maybe the UK series will have a similar impact and send tourists flocking to Greggs?

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